Home Is Where The Heart Is

As I type this, I am still in the midst of my final exams and I really should be studying (but I’m running away from my responsibilities, again). So instead of trying to make these math equations stay in my head, I decided to go around my humble abode, snapping some pictures of things that I thought looked nice.

We’ve started to change up the decor a lil’ to suit the holiday season, and although the hardcore Christmas decorating has yet to begin, I thought I’d share some of the stuff that’s been hanging around. I absolutely love how such subtle changes can make all of the difference, serving for a homely atmosphere. A simple (but appropriately scented according to time of year) candle can pick up the mood, and a tiny tin jar of dried flowers on the coffee table can liven up the room with such ease. (Explains why these photos are so full of detail – the small things are the star of the show today!). I present to you, the bits-and-bobs of my household:

If you couldn’t already tell, there kinda are lots of flowers around the house. I am not complaining.

I realise that this post is very random, and also the first post ever on this blog. I do hope, though, that if this somehow manages to reach your computer screen, that it’d either 1. give you ideas and inspiration on making up your place to look mighty-fine, or 2. give you some sense of enjoyment. I really want to post more in the future, and share many many other things that I deem significant and worth sharing! I hope you enjoy, and defo leave me ideas on what my next post should be. 🙂

The Humble List Of Thingums That Can Make Any Space A Lovely Space

Dried flowers 

– Scented candles

– Lace tablecloth

– Wine crates


Glass jars 

– Tin containers 

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x, Nat.